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UltraHeat SM – 5kW Induction Heating Systems

///UltraHeat SM – 5kW Induction Heating Systems
UltraHeat SM – 5kW Induction Heating Systems2019-02-07T13:59:26+00:00

Compact 5kW induction heating system.

Operates with either water-cooled or air-cooled remote heat station.

Advanced, induction heating power supply utilizing the latest switching power technology.

Adaptive digital phase control providing efficient operation in a wide frequency range.

Reliable, modular system, easy to maintain and service.

Flexible load impedance matching by utilizing multiple ratios matching transformer and configurable tank capacitors.

Easy tuning to a wide range of loads and coils.

Durable design, loaded with safety and diagnostics features.


  • Output regulation – Voltage, Power, Current
  • Limits setting – Current, DC Volts, Output Volts, Power, Frequency
  • Compact air-cooled power supply design with automatic fan control
  • Operator controls – Selectable: Automatic, Remote or Local
  • Capable of delivering full power in the specified frequency range (see Specifications tables)
  • Variable ratio output isolation transformer for load matching of a wide range of loads and coils
  • Power control from 1% to 100% in 1% increments
  • Multiple user programs and programmable parameters


  • Advanced 5” Color LCD touch panel
  • Digital I/O Interface board – Remote Start/Stop
  • External power control input: 0-10V or 4-20mA
  • Temperature monitoring & control with K type thermocouple
  • Temperature regulator for standard IR sensor input
  • Serial Interface: RS-232 or RS-485
  • Data logging and remote diagnostics
Power Supply Model

● Standard ○ Optional

Output kW5 kW5 kW
Frequency kHz30-20030-200
AC Line Volts (50/60Hz)230±10%230±10%
Line Phases11
Compact air cooled power supply
Auto tuning to variety of loads and coils
Control panelStandard5” LCD Touch
User programs520
Digital I/O & Analog Power Control
Temperature control with
K Thermocouple Input
Cycle Energy Monitor
Serial Interface: RS-232 or RS-485
Data logging
Weight Lb (kg)28 (12.5)28 (12.5)
Dimensions Inch (cm) WxDxH14.4” x 10.6” x 12.8”
(36.5 x 27 x 32.6)
14.4” x 10.6” x 12.8”
(36.5 x 27 x 32.6)
Compatible Heat StationsHS-4WHS-4W

*SM5/200 works at maximum 4 kW output power at 16A single socket, 220V power source.

Heat Station Model
HS-4W (1ACC-030-160)
Cable Length between
Power Supply and Heat Station:
Std / Max
Ft (cm)
6 (183)/ 30 (914)
Dimensions Inch (cm) WxDxH7.1” x 9.3” x 6.5”
(18 x 23.6 x 16.5)
Weight Lb (kg)8.7 (4)
Cooling requirements water system quoted upon requestwater (external)
Min. Cooling Water,
GpM (LpM)
0.5 (2.0)
Inlet Water T° (max),F (°C)95° (35°)
Power supply:

  • RS-232 or RS-485 interface for remote computer monitoring, control and diagnostics
  • External power control input: 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
  • External Controls – Start/Stop operation, External Fault

Heat Station:

  • External Controls – Start/Stop/Foot Switch
EquipmentDescriptionPart Number
Custom CoilCustom Coil
designed and manufactured for customer’s application.
WCA-1000-02Water Cooling System
3.0 kW, 230 VAC,1-ph
External E-stop box with 6 ft leads for induction heating machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies.RCP-03External E-stop box with 6 ft leads1ACC-725-530-00
Foot Switch Assembly for induction heating machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies.FS-01Foot Switch Assembly1ACC-777-500-00
ACC-01Output Coil Adapter1ACC-754-560-00
ACC-02Output Adapter Blocks
with 1-4 NPTF
IR-XXTemperature Control and Monitoring Systems
CAB-WCL-600-XXFlexible water cooled leads, from 3 – 15 ft.1ACC-530-700-XX