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Smooth and Efficient Installation

I’m happy to let you know that the induction heating power supply system ordered from your company has been working fine. To match the load impedance, we had to change the output transformer ratio. After doing that, we can reach at least 90% of output power level, which is great.

This power supply has been integrated into our analytical instrument, and actually the instrument was just delivered to the customer site.

Jinlong Yin, Teer Coatings Ltd.

Attentive team

“We purchased an UltraFlex SMT-5 induction heater for high temperature mechanical testing in our research lab. The sales and applications personnel were very attentive and were of great help in selecting an appropriate system and corresponding options to best facilitate our needs. All components arrived ahead of schedule. The heater has worked great after completing initial setup, and again, the sales contact was very helpful and quick to respond to any issues or provide additional manuals and guidance as needed. I would absolutely recommend UltraFlex to those in the market for an induction heater.”

Benjamin Elbrecht, Clemson University


Our university research group has had the pleasure to work with Zach Jones, Matthew Cutolo, and the UltraFlex Power team while testing and ordering an induction heating system. We were thoroughly impressed and happy with the fast, professional service we received from Zach and Matthew. They were able to quickly test samples on our behalf and to find the optimal system configuration for our heating requirements. They were also very helpful answering our questions about induction heating from theory to application and provided us with many details we needed to start up our project.

Luke Di Liddo, University of Toronto

Best solution

“We are extremely pleased with our UltraFlex SmartPower system. The start-up was easy, any questions we had regarding the system were answered right away by the support team.  Previously, we were using a competitor’s system which took 45 minutes to heat treat each part. Now with the SmartPower system, it takes 5 minutes per part. The 75% turnover rate has really increased productivity and getting orders out faster. The system has almost eliminated soft spots and can heat treat an area of a part in seconds rather than minutes. Due to business growth, we plan on adding more modules to our SmartPower system this year. We look forward to doing more business with UltraFlex in the future.”

Joe Zavacky, Keystone