Induction Heating in Medical & Dental Industries

medical induction heating

Induction heating is widely used within the medical and dental industries. Manufacturers of medical equipment benefit from induction heating technology. It provides clean, concise, repeatability, and is environmentally safe due to no open flame or toxic emissions. It is used in small laboratories as well as large production facilities.

In recent years more and more medical research institutions are using induction heating for nanoparticle and electromagnetic hyperthermia treatment research. UltraFlex’s specialized N-Series, equipment is designed specifically with this application in mind. Our systems are used in many Universities and Research facilities around the world.

How Induction Heating is used in the Medical & Dental Industries?

  • Nanoparticle and hyperthermia treatment research and testing
  • Induction casting of dentures and medical implants
  • Catheter tipping to form the tips of medical catheters
  • Sterilizing of connections in pharmaceutical or biomedical manufacturing
  • Heat treatment of memory alloys for medical applications
  • Needle and surgical instruments heat treating and heat staking
  • Medication or blood plasma heating for IV devices