Ultraflex Power Technologies designs and manufactures custom induction heating systems for all induction heating applications. The induction heating solutions can help industries optimize their manufacturing process, increase energy efficiency, and improve safety.

Custom Semi-Automated Induction Heating System

custom induction heating system
  • The system can work both in automatic and semi-automatic mode.
  • Two sensor buttons eject a platform where workpieces are placed.
  • The system allows continuous heating and increases the operator’s productivity.
  • The workpiece from the active work area is raised and must be removed, and a new one is loaded in its place.
  • With the raising of the already heated workpiece, the adjacent one is lowered, and the other heating profile is activated.
  • The operator monitors the indications from the light tower and alternates the removal and loading of the workpieces in the Work Areas.

Custom Induction Brazing System

custom induction brazing system

A client wanted to integrate an automated induction brazing process with an automated flux injection system and a brazing alloy wire feeder system. UltraFlex Power Technologies proposed a turnkey induction solution by manufacturing a brazing system. The working process is semi-automated, as one or two operators can work on two working stations. The induction brazing system features two operator control panels depending on the production rate.

Custom Heat-Treating Scanning System

custom induction scanning system

A modular vertical scanning system with a dual or single spindle which allows precise control of the scanning and rotation speed. It is capable of accommodating a wide range of part sizes and can operate in both manual and automated program settings with multiple recipes. The system has an integrated water-to-water cooling unit and a quenching system with filtration. Coils can be easily loaded and unloaded for manual or automated part loading.


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