Induction Heating in Aerospace & Defense Industries

Aerospace and Defence induction heating

The Aerospace and Defence Industries have predetermined specifications that make induction heating a preferred solution for many of their manufacturing requirements. Induction heating provides quick, precise, non-contact heating ensuring clean, repeatable, consistent results increasing efficiency, and minimizing the impact on the environment.

UltraFlex has extensive experience with developing the most complex induction heating applications and manufacturing system requirements. The induction systems can be easily integrated into a manual assembly process or into fully automated production lines. Our engineers will help you develop custom induction heating equipment, OEM modules or complete, complex, turnkey solutions, including integration with existing processes. To meet the demanding requirements of this sector, our team can provide induction heating in a controlled atmosphere as well as process control systems capable of producing temperature profiles with multiple steps and precise control of the heated zone and depth of heat penetration.

How is induction heating used in the Aerospace & Defence Industry?

  • Brazing in a normal or controlled atmosphere
  • Heat treating and hardening
  • Annealing of ammunition casings and shells
  • Hot heading – forming the head of the fasteners
  • Forging and forming
  • Shrink fitting of motor housings and engine blocks
  • Curing of epoxies and coatings
  • Special materials research and testing
  • Heating and bonding of composite materials
  • Vacuum and levitation melting of special alloys
  • The casting of different metals including titanium and super alloys