Induction Soldering

The customer uses a manual solder process. The current time to join 7 PCBs is 1 minute 45 seconds. It does not include the time to apply the solder paste and place the jumper across the PCBs in the paste. Our goal is to use induction soldering to reduce the cycle time while producing a high quality solder joint.

UltraHeat UPT-S5
5 kW, 50-200 kHz
HS-4 Heat Station
Two-turn custom designed coil

• Soldering wire
• Soldering paste
Application of the solder paste with a stencil is recommended. This will provide improved process control, better repeatability, and avoid any residues.

Key Parameters
Temperature: 572°F (300° C)
Power: 3 kW
Time: 14 sec for joining 7 boards


  1. Apply the solder paste on the pads of the printed circuit boards.
  2. Place the copper jumpers in the solder paste across the pads of the adjacent PCBs.
  3. Position the induction coil over the copper jumpers and pads.
  4. Apply power to the UPT-S5, and heat for 2 sec. That’s the time to heat one joint, and join 2 boards.
  5. Confirm electrical continuity of across the jumpers by testing LED’s on the printed circuit boards.


Induction heating provides:

  • Strong durable joints
  • Selective and precise heat zone, resulting in less part distortion and joint stress
  • Less oxidation
  • Faster heating cycles
  • More consistent results and suitability for large volume production, without the need for batch processing
  • Clean and safe heat application, without pollutants



Request information or contact us about this application. Reference Info: Application Note 3463-3385