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UltraFlex was contacted by a long-time user of induction heating who now wants to upgrade their system in order to improve cycle times and repeatability. Our goal was to braze A 10 mm OD copper tube to a brass gas outlet part in less than 66 seconds to maximum 700 °C (1292°F) 


UltraHeat SM – 5 kW induction heating system was recommended to fit the process requirementsUltraFlex designed a custom C-shaped induction heating coil which helped distribute the heat evenly throughout the workpiece.  

Industry: Manufacturing 


The brass part was connected to the copper tube and two alloy rings were positioned at the brazing point. The workpiece was successfully brazed in 51 seconds at the power of 4.8 kW. UltraHeat SM – 5 kW can be run continuously which further optimizes the process.  

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-6731


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