Induction Heating in Motors & Pumps Industry

Tools and Dies induction heating

The Induction heating equipment is a key component of the pumps and motors production lines and processes. It is used for the mounting and dismounting of motor and pump components. Most of the housings of the motors and pumps and many other of their components are produced as casted parts, where the induction is used to melt the metal before it is investment or sand cast.

Automation and process control can be achieved with all induction heating systems offered by UltraFlex. This makes the induction equipment suitable for the high-volume production typical for this industry.

How Induction Heating is Used in the Motors and Pumps Industry?

  • Shrink fitting and heat expansion mounting of motor stators and rotors
  • Curing of powder and special coatings minimizing the risk of defects
  • Burning off oils and contaminants from the surface of motor parts and housings
  • Brazing or soldering of motor windings to terminals
  • Induction melting and casting of the pump and motor parts and housings