UltraMelt TF

UltraMelt TF is a long-lasting and durable tilting Induction melting furnace for larger volumes of metals.
Good for melting up to 40kg of gold or 25 kg of silver.
Models for steel also available.
Smooth and accurate tilting control makes pouring of the molten metal a safe and simple process.
Digital control panel with status messages and diagnostics features.
Fast induction melting using advanced circuit with low energy consumption.
Reliable equipment, easy to install, maintain and service.

Tilting Induction Melting machine


  • Power regulation (10 – 100%) with power bar-graph indicator.
  • Advanced digital controls with service and diagnostics features.
  • Left side Operator controls Interface (optional)
  • Model for steel are also available.
  • Temperature controller – works with a thermocouple probe or optional IR pyrometer.
  • Industry 4.0 ready – RS485 communication port
  • Automatic tilting control.
  • Custom models with different capacities can be designed.
Absorbed Power 20 kW / 25 kW 40 kW / 50 kW
AC Line, (50/60Hz), 3 Phases 380 V/480 V ±10% 380 V/480 V ±10%
Crucible Capacity 20 kg Gold 40 kg Gold
Crucible Volume 1615 cm3 3278 cm3
Melting Temperature (max) 1250 °C 1250 °C
Cooling Requirements
water system quoted upon request
Water (external) Water (external)
Weight 350 kg (771 Lb) 370 kg (815 Lb)
Dimensions, LxWxH 73 cm x 99 cm x 136 cm
(28.7” x 38.9” x 53.5”)
73 cm x 99 cm x 136 cm
(28.7” x 38.9” x 53.5”)
  • Tilting Induction Melting Furnace provides improved energy efficiency vs traditional furnaces and kilns
  • Better process control with high degree of controllability and repeatability
  • Safe pouring of large volumes of molten metal with tilting capability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity
Equipment Description Part Number
TS-03 IR Temperature Sensor with Stand 1ACC-016-350-00
Part Number Description UltraMelt TF-20 UltraMelt TF-40
Induction System


20 kg gold Graphite Crucible 1
Induction System


40 kg gold Graphite Crucible 1


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