Induction Heating in Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas induction heating

The Oil and Gas industry has been traditionally using induction heating equipment for many processes related to drilling, pipelines installation or repair and processing of biofuels.

Widely used application in the oil industry is heat treating of drilling tools and rig shafts, brazing, and de-brazing of carbides on drilling tools and many more.

How Induction Heating is used in the Oil and Gas Industry?

  • Drilling tools – brazing and removing of carbide inserts
  • Oil and gas pipelines – adhesive curing and coating repair of steel pipes
  • Induction heating for pipe bending or forming
  • Heat treating and hardening of shafts and pipe ends
  • Induction preheating for welding of steel pipes on rigs and pipelines
  • Pre-heating before welding and stress relieving of welds on oil tanks or rig structures
  • Susceptor heating for processing of biomass for biofuel production