Quality at UltraFlex Power Technologies

Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

At UltraFlex Power Technologies, our reputation for quality isn’t just a byproduct of our work—it’s the core of our business philosophy. With over 25 years in the industrial induction heating market, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We strive to meet the highest quality standards, not just because it’s expected, but because our clients deserve nothing less.

ISO Certification

Our stringent quality control measures have earned us ISO certification, an internationally recognized standard for quality management. This certification demonstrates our relentless pursuit of quality, consistency, and efficiency in every project.

Download our ISO Certificate here.

State of the art technology

Our patented SmartPower™ modular systems are a testament to our dedication to quality. These digitally-controlled induction systems offer the widest load-matching capabilities in the market, significantly reducing production downtime and allowing scalability.

Expert Team

Our team of engineers and technical experts undergo regular training and certification, ensuring they are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to maintain the highest quality standards.

Proven Track Record

Our long-standing relationships with multinational corporations, small businesses, and research institutions around the world stand as a testament to our consistent quality and reliability.

Quality Assurance In Production

Our manufacturing facilities in New York, California, and Bulgaria implement rigorous quality checks at every stage of the production cycle. Whether it’s a turnkey system or a custom-built OEM module, you can trust UltraFlex to deliver reliability and performance.