Annealing of steel wire cloth


Can you anneal steel wire cloth with induction heating? A manufacturer of metal fabrics and metal wire cloths needs to anneal the wires for a better cut and bend and asked Ultraflex to test the application. The wires should be heated slowly to sufficient annealing without rapid cooling to avoid brittle wires.

SH-2/350, 2 kW Induction Heating Power Supply
HS-5W High Frequency Heat Station

• Steel wire cloth

Key Parameters
Temperature: Just above 1472°F (800°C)
Power: 1.6 kW
Rate: .236in/sec to 1472°F (6mm/sec to 800°C)
Voltage: 90 V


  1. SH-2/350 Power Supply was used connected to a HS-5W Heat Station.
  2. The steel wire cloth was placed under the coil.
  3. The Power Supply was turned on.
  4. The steel wire cloth is moved manually under the coil for testing. In production the steel cloth will be moved automatically.


Annealing the steel wire clothing with induction heat was successful. Please see the pictures and video for the actual results.
Annealing with induction provides the following benefits:

  • Power on demand.
  • Rapid heat cycles.
  • Elimination of continuous power to large heating area (i.e. oven).
  • Cost savings due to reduced power usage.
  • Direct heating of the metal and not the ambient air as in convection processes.
  • Safer process than open flame methods.
  • Improved process control for even heating.
  • Uniform heating to a given temperature that is not dependent on operator skill.



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