Induction brazing is an advanced technology that has many advantages over the traditional torch brazing. UltraFlex offers both general-purpose and automated induction brazing systems that allow for an extremely fast, clean, precise and energy efficient process. Learn more about the process of induction brazing.

General-Purpose Induction Brazing Machines 

induction heating_induction heater_induction heating machine_induction heat treatment

Absorbed Power: 2 kW

Frequency: 200 kHz – 350 kHz

High frequency induction heating power supply UPT-SB and heat station with foot switch

Absorbed Power: 3kW

Frequency: 700kHz – 1200kHz

UltraHeat S Series induction heating_induction heater_induction heating machine

Absorbed Power: 5kW

Frequency: 30kHz – 200kHz


Absorbed Power: 5kW – 15kW

Frequency: 10kHz – 400kHz

Mobile and Automated Brazing Systems

UltraFlex automated brazing systems bring the power of induction to workpieces that you may not be able to access with a traditional, fixed workhead.  

Hand-Held Brazing System 

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