Induction Heating in Packaging Industry

Tools and Dies induction heating

One of the most popular applications of the induction heating is the induction cap sealing. Induction sealing is a non-contact heating process that often serves the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries in preparation for the packing of the products. High production rates require machines that can speed up the processes by allowing hermetical sealing in tamper-proof packages, aseptic packaging, and cap sealing. Induction heating ensures that manufacturing goals are met while providing preservation and aesthetic packaging of the product.

How Induction Heating is used in the Packaging industry?

  • Contactless sealing of caps to plastic, metal, or glass containers
  • Cap-less induction sealing of aluminum foil to cups or plastic containers
  • Heating of aerosol aluminum cans for curing of the coating
  • Annealing of cans before forming
  • Pouches and bags sealing by induction
  • Welding and bonding of aluminum foil in the production of tubes