Induction Carbide Tipping of Medical Tools


The objective of this application is to braze carbide insets onto stainless steel pin cutter. The customer specializes in the repair, cleaning, and refurbishing of surgical equipment. They would like to use induction heating technology to replace torches and achieve a cleaner brazing process.


UltraHeat SM 5 general-purpose induction brazing equipment was set at 40% to complete the process. The adaptive digital phase control provides efficient operation in a wide frequency range.


A stainless-steel pin cutter 6 13/16” (17 cm) long with a 0.775” (1.96 cm) wide area for heating had to be brazed with two carbide inserts 25/32”(1.98 cm) long, 1/8” (7.8 mm) wide, 3/32” (2.54 cm) deep. There was an overlap 9/16” (1.42 cm) long, 1/8” (25.4 mm) wide (on each side of cutting head) and 1/16” (1.58 mm) deep.

Brazing flux was applied to the joint area. The carbide inserts were then placed in between the pre-forms. The assembly was closed together and brought into the induction coil. Heat was applied for 8 seconds reaching the temperature of ~1400°F (760°C). The parts were successfully brazed together.

Industry: Medical & Dental

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-5734

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