smartpower compac system

Configurability and Flexibility

Due to the unique modular approach, each system can be configured for output power from 50kW to 400kW in three frequency ranges (6-60kHz, 50-200kHz, 150-400kHz). Each modular offers up to 4 independently controlled RF outputs that can be configured in one Smart Power cabinet. Customers can buy only the power they need and can increase capacity and productivity later when needed. This can be easily achieved by adding RF power modules to the existing cabinet. The power modules can operate in a wide frequency range (6kHz to 400kHZ) allowing our customers to use these systems for various induction heating applications. The modular offers flexible tuning by using an advanced digital control system which enables Smart Power units to be automatically tuned to different induction heating coils and loads, saving setup and tuning time. Each independent output can be configured to work in different frequency ranges and power levels. Optional heat stations can be connected to each output.

Energy Efficient

Fast digital control technology allows a rapid increase in output power. The module operates at peak system efficiency across all power levels and frequencies. Its power conversion efficiency exceeds 95%  and the power factor is better than 0.99.

Easy Service and Maintenance

The integrated modular design simplifies and eliminates cables and wire harnesses making the service and maintenance very easy. No spare parts are necessary if an extra module is included in the systems and there is minimal downtime to replace or disable the module. An industrial touch panel with a modern user interface, remote connectivity, and diagnostics features (Ethernet, USB, RS232) makes it easy to diagnose any problems.

Size and Weight Reductions

The modular’s significantly reduced size and weight saves valuable production floor space and the smaller size also makes for a lower shipping cost. Due to the more efficient operation, the size of the cooling system can also be reduced resulting in additional energy and space savings.

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