Brazing Carbide to Steel

Application test objective is brazing carbide to steel, and confirm heating time. Customer provided samples of carbide tips of various sizes and shapes to be brazed to steel shanks of various sizes and shapes. Confirm brazing feasibility and heating times using Ultraheat UPT-S5 5 kW for brazing carbide to steel.

UltraHeat UPT-S5 Power Supply
HS-4 Heat Station

• Magnetic steel shanks
• Carbide tips
• Alloy – EZ Flo 45 paste

Test 1
Magnetic Steel Shank OD: 0.375” (9.525mm)
Cone-Shaped Carbide Tip with taper from 0.5” (12.7mm) OD to 0.062” (1.575mm) at the peak

Key Parameters
Temperature: ~ 1450°F (788°C)
Power: 1.3 kW
Time: 35 seconds

Test 2 (See Video 1)
Magnetic Steel Shank OD: 0.250” (6.35mm)
Spherical Carbide Tip with 0.638” (16.205mm) diameter, and flat underside of 0.431” (10.947mm)

Key Parameters
Temperature: ~ 1450°F (788°C)
Power: 1.5 kW
Time: 21 seconds

Test 3 (See Video 2)
Magnetic Steel Shank OD: 0.180” (4.572mm)
Bullet-shaped Tip with major OD 0.264” (6.706mm)

Key Parameters
Temperature: ~ 1450°F (788°C)
Power: 0.6 kW
Time: 13 seconds


  1. The magnetic steel shank and carbide were cleaned.
  2. Paste alloy was added to the interface area between the shank and carbide.
  3. Simple fixtures were used to hold the shaft in place, and hold the carbide in place.
  4. Power was turned on, and the parts were monitored to confirm when the braze was complete.


All parts were brazed successfully, using the same coil and tap settings on the induction equipment. No equipment changeovers are necessary.
A formal fixture to ensure the parts are aligned during the brazing process is recommended.

  • Precise control of the time and temperature
  • Power on demand with rapid heat cycles
  • Repeatable process, not operator dependent
  • Safe heating with no open flames
  • Energy efficient heating



Video 1

Video 2

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