Induction Heating in Wire & Cable Industry

wire induction heating

Induction heating is commonly used in wires, cable, and optical fiber manufacturing. Some common applications include soldering, preheating, and annealing. Another application of the induction heating for this industry is heating of a susceptor to melt special glass and draw optical fiber. Induction heating increases overall productivity, repeatability, and improves process efficiency.

How Induction Heating is used in the Wire and Cable Industry?

  • Annealing of copper, aluminum, or stainless steel wire
  • Heat treating strings for musical instruments
  • Shrink Fitting Teflon Insulation onto a wire inside of a stainless steel susceptor
  • Induction soldering of electrical wires and cables
  • Brazing and soldering of braided wire
  • Bonding of wireframe to a mesh
  • Heating of nitinol wire for medical applications
  • Soldering copper coaxial cable to copper or brass connectors
  • Curing of coatings on wires and cables
  • Susceptor heating for drawing of optic fiber
  • Heating wire to draw into different gages and sizes

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