Glass Repair using steel susceptor


Induction Glass Repair

The purpose of this test is to melt and patch glass on a steel susceptor.  Induction heating can be used to fix cracks and other types of damage on glass covered susceptors.

Recommended Equipment
The recommended equipment for this test is the UPT-SM5/200 with the HS-4 heat station.

4”(101.6mm) x 4”(101.6mm) x 12.7” (101.6mm) thick steel plate coated with blue glass.

Key Parameters

Power: Up to 2.21kW
Temperature: 1600F (871C)

Results and Conclusions

During the pretest, the rate of heating was verified using a temperature controller with the control thermal coupler on steel and the second thermal coupler on glass to ensure the steel to glass gradient window was not excessive. Time to temperature will vary depending on the size of the steel plate being heated.

The power needed was over 2kW but this will change depending on the size of the steel and the heat rate that is desired.

See full process video for additional details.



Request information or contact us about this application. Reference info: Application Note 3463-4838.