fasteners heating

Heat the threads of a 178mm (7”) long magnetic steel fastener to (900C) 1650F in less than 10 seconds.


HS4W Heat Station

• 178mm (7”) long magnetic steel screw, Thread length measures 102mm (4”), approximately 6.4mm (0.25”) thick.

Key Parameters
Power: 5kW
Temperature: (900C) 1650F

Results / Benefits:

The induction heating system was used to verify material quality on steel screws. The customer is taking samples from production line (screws), heating them to (900◦C) 1650F using the  Ultraflex 5 kW and dropping into a water quench for stress testing. Heat time can be further reduced if heating a smaller length of the fastener and by using an optimized coil design.

This allows for the customer to verify material quality and lot conformance, a vital component of the manufacturing process.



Induction heating for fasteners

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