induction brazing of steel spool bodies

A manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry is looking to improve productivity rate by implementing induction heating in their brazing processes. The objective of this application is to simultaneously braze 8 steel spool bodies.

Industry: Medical & Dental

Equipment: UltraHeat SM 5 induction heating power supply was utilized for this brazing application. It successfully achieves the desired productivity rate of 30 seconds per 8 assemblies.


The client has provided 8 nut ad pin assemblies that sit in an aluminum fixture. The parts are aligned in a custom induction heating coil with some room to spare on either end which ensures uniform heat. The goal is to braze 8 assemblies at every 30 to 45 seconds. The induction brazing process is completed at the power of 4.3 kW for 30 seconds at 1350° F (732° C).

Benefits: Induction heating will provide quick cycle time, thus optimizing the induction brazing process.

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