Preheating of cast iron before welding through camera

This preheating process is done prior to a machining operation. The manufacturer is looking for the castings to be heated to 198°F (92°C) as evenly as possible in 2 minutes. Our application engineers used a 5 kW induction power supply – UltraHeat SM for the entire preheating process which was completed in the expected time of 2 minutes.

Industry: Manufacturing

Materials: Aluminum

Equipment: SMT-5/200

Power: 5 kW

Time: 2 mins.

Temp: 198°F (92°C)

Process Steps:

The aluminum part was surrounded by a helical coil where it was applied with 1.5 kW of power. During the heating process the hot spots are evident in the thermal pictures shown below. As the part sat near requested temperature the power was turned down manually. The temperature distribution evens out over time causing the hot spots to dissipate.

UltraFlex equipment allows for a fast and safe application process. Our 5 kW induction power supply – UltraHeat SM is a compact system that saves space and ensures precise results. Our precise measuring tools can help track the process and achieve repeatability.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6276