Soldering Copper Heat Pipes to PCB Board


Test – Soldering Copper Heat Pipes to PCB Board

Industry: Medical & Dental

Materials: Flat copper pipes, PCB board

Alloy: Low-temperature solder paste

Equipment: SM-5/200, HS-4W

Power: 1.88 kW

Time: 15 secs.

Coil: Coated custom-made coil. Visit our coil library.

The Process:

UltraFlex was contacted by a leading manufacturer of clinical diagnostic equipment who is striving to drive innovation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology.

The flat pipes, featured in this heating application, are used to transfer heat with minimal temperature difference or spread the heat across a surface.

Our induction heating solution helped the client to cut manufacturing time which previously took 1 hour to produce 16 soldered copper heat pipes.

The SM-5 induction heating power supply along with a heat station successfully performed the soldering process in approximately 15 seconds. We also used one of our custom-made induction coils with cement coasting to ensure that the coil will not suffer mechanical damage.

To perform the test, we positioned the copper pipes onto two flat pads containing low-temperature solder paste. Induction heating ensures complete repeatability. There is a significant reduction in cycle time and increased efficiency as now multiple parts can be soldered simultaneously.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-5648


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