Heating Stainless Steel Ball Bearings Inside of a Quartz Tube

Heat stainless steel ball bearings inside of a quartz tube, to mimic a nuclear disaster.


Stainless steel ball bearings
Quartz tube

Key Parameters
Power: 5.02 kW
Temperature: 140F (60C)

Process and Conclusion

This heating application test was designed to mimic a nuclear disaster such as the Fukushima Daichi incident, where the nuclear reactors may be flooded with seawater. Induction is used to heat a sample of stainless-steel spheres immersed in water. The ball bearings transfer their energy as the water passes through the quartz tube, resulting in the exiting water being heated. Researchers will then use neutron beam imaging of the process to study the salt deposition from the boiling water and better understand the effects of seawater on cooling reactor fuel rods.



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