Annealing of Stainless steel

Application: Annealing 

Application Objectives: A medical device manufacturer needs a solution to terminate braids and to trim them in sections, without the ends being flared and unwind. Our main goal is to propose a suitable induction annealing solution for heating the braids, made of stainless steel. The outer diameter of the braid is 2.3 mm.  

Industry: Medical Industry 

Equipment: UltraHeat S2, UltraHeat S5, UltraHeat SBT 

Materials: stainless steel braid 


We have conducted tests with all three options of power supplies: UltraHeat S2, UltraHeat S5, UltraHeat SBT. During the tests we established that the small, heated area of the thread is the reason for the higher thermal radiation into the coil and low heating efficiency. For the first tests with Ultraheat S2 and S5 we used a copper stick inside the braid to have it stable and equally heated, but the temperature reached was not high enough. The final test was with UltraHeat SBT by using higher frequency the results are same until we compressed the braid so there is more mass inside the coil and the braid reached more than 500 oC.  

Results and Conclusions: 

We recommend stainless steel sticks for heating the braid to be used. Using a stainless-steel stick will make SBT High Frequency model appropriate for this project. 

Reference Info: AR 3464-8395 

For more information you can contact us directly here with a subject “Annealing of Stainless Steel braids” or just its reference number: Application Note AR 3464 – 8395.

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