SOLO Air – Air-Cooled Induction Heating Systems

Induction Heating Innovation by UltraFlex

The UltraFlex SOLO Air Systems are an innovation in induction heating technology, featuring a unique Direct Digital Step™ control algorithm.
Compact, air-cooled power supplies with output power from 24 kW to 32 kW.
The latest SiC MOSFET transistor technology and patented digital control algorithms ensure optimal performance and maximum efficiency in a wide frequency range (from 5kHz to 25kHz), depending on Heat Station and Capacitor bank.
Ultra-flexible, wide range of load impedance matching by utilizing multiple transformer ratios and configurable capacitor banks.
Durable and reliable design with built-in tuning, safety, and diagnostics features.

Solo Air-Cooled System


  • Precise power control from 0 to 100% of rated power
  • Output regulation: Power or Current
  • Parameter Monitoring: Current, DC Volts, Output Volts, Output Power, Frequency
  • Industrial control panel – 5” LCD touch, full color
  • Advanced and intuitive user interface
  • Multiple heating programs and profiles for automatic process control
  • 0-10V or 4-20mA external control and remote Start/Stop operation
  • USB connectivity for firmware upgrades
  • Control modes: Automatic, Remote or Local control
  • Automatic frequency scanning and load tuning
  • Fast dynamic response and ramp-up time for short heating cycles
  • Remote Heat station with a variable ratio transformer and a configurable capacitor bank for matching to a wide range of loads and coils
  • Built-in temperature control and monitoring features
  • Data logging of process and operating parameters
  • RS485 (MODBUS) serial interface for remote control and monitoring


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