CS Digital

Designed for high-volume jewelry manufacturers with stringent requirements, the CS Digital sets the standard in universal centrifugal casting technology. This top-of-the-line system efficiently handles all metals and alloys commonly used in jewelry manufacturing, including gold, silver, steel, platinum, palladium, and many others.

Advanced Induction Heating Technology
Experience unmatched speed and efficiency with our powerful induction heating generator, designed for both precious and non-precious metals and alloys. It ensures rapid melting and thorough mixing, crucial for high-quality outcomes.

High-Performance Centrifugal Casting
Equipped with a robust DC motor, the CS Digital offers exceptional speed and acceleration. This high-energy centrifugal casting leads to superior metal compaction and flawless detail filling, ensuring each piece meets the highest precision standards.

Precise Temperature Control for Consistent Results
Achieve consistent casting excellence with the integrated Infrared temperature control. For those requiring even greater precision, an advanced Dual-wave IR pyrometer option is available, enhancing the accuracy of temperature measurements.

CS Digital Jewelry Induction casting centrifugal machine


  • Centrifugal injection with a pneumatic movement for fast coil descent
  • Accurate temperature controller (up to 2000C)
  • Centrifugal arm balancing with adjustable counterweights
  • Advanced 5” full-color LCD touch panel
  • Melting power regulation from 10% to 100%
  • Powerful DC motor with reduction gear and adjustable acceleration
  • Max rotating speed – 500 rpm. Rotation timeout pre-set at 40 sec.
  • Auto-locking of the chamber lid during centrifugal phase for maximum safety
  • Integral powerful vacuum pump
  • Inert (Argon or Nitrogen) gas circuit included


jewelry centrifugal casting machine
Jewelry induction casting machine