UltraMelt 12/16

Our UltraMelt 12/16 is an induction melting furnace perfect for melting any precious or non-precious metals and alloys. Fast induction melting is possible with an advanced circuit with low energy consumption.
Flexible systems can be configured to melt different metals and alloys.
Temperature control for preventing overheating and burning of the metal (thermocouple probe or IR pyrometer).
Stainless steel front with a high-temperature top cover ensures prolonged heavy-duty use.
Reliable equipment, easy to install, maintain, and service.

UltraMelt 12-16 - Induction Melting Furnace


  • Power regulation (10 – 100%) with power bar-graph indicator.
  • Advanced digital controls with service and diagnostics features.
  • Temperature controller – works with a thermocouple probe or optional IR pyrometer.
  • Optional transformer for 3-phase/230V AC line requirements.


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