Induction Heating in Manufacturing & Automation Fields

Tools and Dies induction heating

Manufacturing and Automation fields cover a wide range of products and manufacturing processes. Induction heating has endless applications in all manufacturing industries. The targeted heat produced by induction heating is used for brazing, soldering, hardening, heat treating, annealing, stress relieving, shrink fitting, heat staking,  induction preheating, and more. Induction heating is suitable for and adaptable to fully automated processes where high productivity and process repeatability are required.

Ultraflex has developed multiple solutions for integrating induction heating equipment with fully automated systems, robotic arms, and cobots for increasing production throughput and quality.

How Induction Heating is used in Manufacturing and Automation?

  • Fully automated brazing and soldering stations with temperature monitoring and process control
  • Automated dual station shrink-fit mounting of electric motors and housings
  • Special robotic brazing solution with an induction coil and wire alloy feeder attached to a robotic arm.
  • Automated surface hardening and scanning systems with built-in quenching
  • Automated foil sealing station and sealing coil with pick and place mechanism
  • Induction coil mounted on a robot for automated aluminum tube brazing with built-in temperature control and process monitoring