Induction Heating Products

Industrial induction power supplies, induction heating systems, induction casting machines, induction melting furnaces,
induction heating solutions, OEM services.

induction power supplies

Induction Heating Systems

UltraFlex Power Technologies offers a wide range of induction heating power supplies from 1kW to 400kW in output power and from 6kHz to 1.2MHz in frequency.

induction casting equipment

Casting Machines

Our premium induction casting machines are used in the Jewelry, Dental and Industrial markets. We offer centrifugal casting systems and pressure casting systems to handle a broad range of casting requirements.

Melting Furnaces

Whether you are melting platinum or gold, or you are looking for a desktop melter or a full-size tilt melter, we have an Induction Melting Equipment to meet your needs.

induction brazing systems

Mobile Brazing Systems

Ultraflex offers both general-purpose and automated induction brazing systems that allow for an extremely fast, clean, precise and energy efficient process. Learn more about the process of induction brazing here.

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Smart Power™ Systems

Ultraflex solutions include standard induction heating systems or complete turnkey systems. The flexible induction heating systems can easily be integrated into manual assembly processes or incorporated into a fully automated production line.

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OEM induction heating systems

Induction Power Supplies for OEM

Our OEM partners are companies producing pre-heating, hot forming, brazing and soldering equipment as well as battery charging, power management, xenon light control systems and many more.

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Induction Heating Systems Selector

Implementing an Ultraflex induction system can help you reduce manufacturing costs, increase energy efficiency, improve safety and meet your lean manufacturing objectives.

Induction Casting Machines Selector

If you know the material and amount that you need to cast, use the Casting Machines Selector to identify the best casting equipment for your application.

Induction Melting Furnaces Selector

Use the Melting Furnaces Selector to identify the best piece of equipment for your induction melting application.