Induction Heating in Dies & Molds Industry

Tools and Dies induction heating

Dies and Molds are used in many manufacturing processes and in many cases the process would require induction heating or heat treating.

The process of injection molding of plastic or rubber products requires pre-heating of the molds to a higher temperature, to ensure the proper flow or curing of the injection-molded material. Typical heating methods used in the industry are steam or resistive heating, but they are messy, inefficient, and unreliable. Induction heating is a clean, fast and energy-efficient alternative which has been widely used in recent years to replace steam, gas or resistive heating of molds and dies.

How Induction Heating is used in Dies & Molds Industry?

  • Preheating of tools and molds for plastic injection molding
  • Heating of molding tools for curing of rubber product and automobile tires
  • Die heating for catheter tipping and medical products manufacturing
  • Die and platen heating for metal stamping and forming
  • Preheating of casting molds in the metal casting industry
  • Heat treating and hardening of stamping and punching tools and dies