Annealing stainless steel piano wire

Anneal stainless steel piano wire in under 1 second with induction.

Test I

Stainless steel
Rectangular wire
0.25’’ (6.35mm) Width
0.04’’(1.01mm) Thickness
3.5’’ (88.9mm)Length

Key Parameters
Power: 5 kW
Temperature: 1300°F (704°C)
Time: 1 sec

Test II

Stainless steel
Rectangular wire
0.6’’ (15.24mm) Width
0.08’’ (2.03mm) Thickness
1”  (25.4mm) Length

Key Parameters
Power: 4.76 kW
Temperature: 1300°F (704°C)
Time: 5 seconds

Results and Conclusions

The stainless steel piano wire was successfully annealed in 1 second. The SM-5 power supply will the meet rate requirements for this and larger piano wires.



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