Know how much power you are paying for

Many customers choose UltraFlex power supplies for their ability to perform at full power across a wide range of applications as well as for the services that UltraFlex provides.

Several low-cost induction power supply companies sell products with misleading names, numbers, and claimed power outputs. The actual heating-power output of these low-cost machines is often 5 to 10 times lower than the claimed power output. To illustrate the difference, we have analyzed the performance of UltraFlex power supplies versus those of a low-cost competitor, based on the published specifications of the machines.

See the comparisons below to see how UltraFlex outperforms its competitors, in terms of both machine performance and valuable service.

ModelsUltraFlex 16kWUltraFlex 5kWUltraFlex 2kWLow-Cost 15kWLow-Cost 40kW
 power-supplies-solo-front-with-displayinduction heater 5kWultraheat s 2kw induction heaterm1-4m2-4
Claimed Power Output kW16kW5kW2kW15kW40kW
Actual Power Output
Calculated across a
Wide range of coils

application evaluation