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Comparing Induction Systems

//Comparing Induction Systems
Comparing Induction Systems2018-07-11T08:11:44+00:00

Comparing Induction Systems: Know how much power are you paying for

Many customers choose Ultraflex power supplies for their ability to perform at full-power across a wide range of applications as well as for the services that Ultraflex provides.

Several low-value induction power supply companies sell products with misleading names, numbers, and claimed power outputs. The actual heating-power output of these low-value machines are often five to ten times lower than the claimed power output. To illustrate the difference, we have analyzed the performance of Ultraflex power supplies versus those of a low-value competitor, based on the published specifications of the machines.

See the comparisons below to see how Ultraflex outperforms its competitors, in terms of both machine performance and valuable service.

ModelsUltraFlex 15kWUltraflex 5kWUltraFlex 2kWLow-Value 15kWLow-Value 40kW
UltraHeat WUltraHeat WUltraHeat Wm1-4m2-4
Claimed Power Output kW15kW5kW2kW15kW40kW
Actual Power Output
Calculated across a
Wide range of coils
UltraFlex 15kWUltraflex 5kWUltraFlex 2kWLow-Value 15kWLow-Value 40kW
Free Application Testingyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Operate at Full Duty Cycleyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Air-Cooled Power Supplyno-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Wide Full-Power Tuning Rangeyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Easy Matching to Coilsyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Separate Frequency Tuningyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Wide Frequency Operating Rangeyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Full-Power Operation Across Applicationsyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Unit rated for real power-to-loadyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Full support for Application Developmentyes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
Purchase Equipment from Manufactureryes-1yes-1yes-1no-1no-1
UltraFlex 15kWUltraflex 5kWUltraFlex 2kWLow-Value 15kWLow-Value 40kW
Claimed Output15 kW5 kW2 kW15 kW40 kW
Working Voltage 380/480 VAC220/230 VAC220/230 VAC208-240 VAC340-430 VAC
Max. Input Current30A26A12A34 A41 A
Output Frequency50-150 kHZ50-250 KHz50-250 KHz30-80 kHz30-80 kHz
Heating Current280-714A160-700A80-350A200-600 Amp200-1800 A
Max. Osc. Power280 kVA140 kVA15 KW
Max. Input Power19.7 kVA6.0 kVA2.25 kVA7 KW
Duty Cycle100%100%100%80%100%
Input Power (KVA at Min Voltage)19.7 KVA6.0 KVA2.6 KVA7.1 KVA24.1 KVA
Actual Input Power17.7 kW5.4 kW2.3 kW6.4 kW21.7 kW
Duty Cycle100%100%100%80%100%
Full rated input power at full duty cycle17.7 kW5.4 kW2.3 kW5.1 kW21.7 kW
Maximum Real Power to Heat Station15.1 kW5.0 kW2.0 kW4.3 kW18.4 kW
Peak power to coil15.0 kW5.0 kW2.0 kW4.3 kW18.4 kW
Average Power Smaller Coils15.0 kW5.0 kW2.0 kW1.2 kW7.9 kW
Average Power Medium Coils15.0 kW5.0 kW2.0 kW2.8 kW18.4 kW
Average Power Larger Coils15.0 kW5.0 kW2.0 kW1.5 kW9.9 kW
Average Power Wide range of coils15.0 kW5.0 kW2.0 kW2.0 kW12.1 kW
Actual Power vs. Claimed Power100%100%100%13.3%30.2%
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