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Patented RCS (Rotating Coil System) providing excellent casting and no death time due to coil lifting.

Casts all metals and alloys: precious and non-precious.

Very high melting efficiency and speed.

Easy to Install and simple to operate.

Reliable, easy to maintain and service.


  • Built in vacuum pump and Argon gas circuit
  • Coil rotation with arm and flask
  • Coil still heating during rotation
  • Metal injected in liquid phase
  • Accurate temperature reader with advanced thermo regulator
  • Metal emissivity regulation
  • Vacuum-Argon washing cycle
  • Advanced diagnostic features and error messages
  • Easy to use digital Control Panel with 10 user programs, 10 programmable parameters each
  • Casting with precious stones
  • Special program for Titanium casting – Supercast Plus J5
Supercast Lite J4Supercast Plus J5
Absorbed Power kW (max)4.05.0
AC Line Volts (50/60Hz)230 ±10%230 ±10%
Line Phases11
Crucible Capacity200gr Pt, 170gr Au200gr Pt (50gr Pt min), 150gr Au
80gr Ti (10gr Ti – ingot), 80gr Ag
Flask Size mm (max)D=90 x H=90D=90 x H=90
Max Melting2000 C°2000 C°
Cooling SystemWater-InternalWater-Internal
Auto-Cast ProgramNoYes
Weight Lb (kg)342 (155)385.8 (175)
DimensionsInch (cm) LxWxH25.2” x 26.4” x 41.3″
(64 x 67 x 105)
25.2” x 26.4” x 41.3″
(64 x 67 x 105)
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher degree of controllability
  • Increased repeatability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity
Part NumberDescriptionSuperCast J4SuperCast J5
Graphite crucible for induction casting machine2DET-015-000-KAGraphite crucible
Material: ceramic with graphite.
Suitable for: Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Bronze
Max Capacity: 170 g Gold.
Average life: about 30 castings
Volume: 10 cm3
Max Temperature of the metal: 1300C
Ceramic crucible for Pt for induction casting machine2DET-015-000-KFCeramic crucible for Pt
Material: fused silica.
Suitable for: platinum and steel
Max Capacity: 200 g Pt.
Min Capacity: 40g Pt
Average life: about 30 castings
Volume: 30 cm3
Max Temperature of the metal: 1800C
Crucible for Ti for induction melting machine2DET-015-000-KDCrucible for Ti
Material: ceramic with zirconia.
Suitable for: Titanium, steel
Max Capacity: 80 g Titanium.
Min Capacity: 30g Pt
Average life: about 1 casting
Volume: 30 cm3
Max Temperature of the metal: 1600C
Pad (spacer) for Pt crucible for induction casting machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies.2DET-017-450-OFPad (spacer) for Pt crucible1
Crucible tongs for induction casing and induction melting machine4HVM-000-101-00Crucible tongs11
Screwdriver system “ZERO” for induction casting and melting machine4HVM-000-100-00Screwdriver system “ZERO”11
Anti vibration feet for induction casting and melting machine4EAC-000-017-00Casting machine anti vibration feet11
T-allen key for induction casting machine4EAC-000-028-00T-allen key 5mm1
Saddle pad for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-GKSaddle pad1
Flask saddle 30mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-PZFlask saddle 30 mm1
Flask saddle 48mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QAFlask saddle 48 mm1
Flask saddle 63mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QBFlask saddle 63 mm1
Flask saddle 80mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QCFlask saddle 80 mm1
Flask saddle 48mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QHFlask saddle 2inch1
Flask saddle 63mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QIFlask saddle 2 3/8inch1
Flask saddle 63mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QKFlask saddle 2.5inch1
Flask saddle 80mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QJFlask saddle 3inch1
Spacer for saddle L=70mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QDSpacer for saddle L=70mm1
Spacer for saddle L=75mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QESpacer for saddle L=75mm1
Spacer for saddle L=80mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QFSpacer for saddle L=80mm1
Spacer for saddle L=85mm for induction casting machine2DET-017-500-QGSpacer for saddle L=85mm1