brass bullet shells annealing

Application Note Objective: 

A manufacturer of brass bullet shells wants to upgrade their existing induction heating equipment and is looking for improved efficiency. The goal of this application test is to demonstrate that the UltraFlex 5KW induction system will meet and exceed its requirements for achieving improved heating times and maintaining heat uniformity within the targeted area Two sizes of brass ammunition shells were used for the test – bullet casings with 1.682” (42.7 mm) length and 0.929” (23.5 mm) length. The targeted annealing time is 0.6 seconds for both parts using a single induction coil.  


Our UltraHeat SM – 5 kW induction heating system was utilized in the annealing process. Tempilaq paint was used to determine if the desired temperature in the annealed area is reached. 


The brass bullet shells were positioned in the coil. The area to be annealed took about 60% of the part’s length counting from the open end. The heated area was painted with Tempilaq which helped us evaluate the temperature distribution. Both parts successfully reached the target temperature of 750°F (398°C) in 0.6sec. For the smaller part, the power supply power was reduced to 45% to prevent the part’s overheating.  

Industry: Aerospace & Defense 

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