Industry: Automotive

Equipment: SMT-5/200, HS-4W

Temperature: 100 °C | 212°F

Material: Steel EN10132-3 C60E mod.

Material Weight: ~46g/1.62 oz per piece

Required time: 10 sec max

The goal of this induction heating application test is to preheat stainless steel belt buckles in order to prepare them for the plastic coating application and curing. Induction heating needs to be performed for 4 parts at a time. Application of polymer coating on top of metal part is very common in the automotive industry and induction heating is a preferred solution of preheating the part.

After initial calculations we estimated that our UltraHeat SM-5/200 5kW power supply we’ll be ideal to take the part to 100C over 10 sec with some extra power left. The temperature of the part will be evaluated using a FLIR thermal imaging camera.

pancake coil on a belt buckle

Step 1

A custom-made pancake coil was positioned above the part.

pancake coil ir

Step 2

Heat was applied to the part and temperature evaluated using a FLIR thermal camera.

pancake coil for preheating

Step 3

While heating the temperature was taken from the edge of the part. After target temperature was exceeded the heat was stopped.

Preheating of Steel Seat Belt Buckles

Step 4

The part is at the target temperature after 10sec of heating.

Results and conclusions

In the result of the test we demonstrated quick and controllable heating of the part to the target temperature. Further on the customer wanted to heat 4 of the same parts at a time and a new custom-designed coil was developed based on the results of this test.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-5575