Value added induction systems

Ultraflex Power Technologies provides design and manufacturing services for induction systems for a wide array of original equipment manufacturers.

Our OEM partners are companies producing, pre-heating, hot forming, brazing and soldering equipment as well as battery charging, power management, xenon light control systems and many more.

Working with Ultraflex for your OEM needs – you’ll benefit from our extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, support and training services and extensive induction experience.

Custom Systems

All our products are designed with a focus on high quality and reliability. They are offered for OEM companies, system integrators and solution providers for integration into their complete power management or induction heating systems.

Ultraflex will modify the standard models you see here on our website to provide custom solutions in cases where the standard products don’t quite match our customer’s requirements, or where special features are needed.

We can also create power system solutions in customer specific packages as well as provide solutions requiring a complete rack of equipment. We can integrate multiple power supplies, display and control panels and various input/output and communication options.

Value Added Services

Ultraflex offers for its partners and customers a variety of services tailored to help them effectively support and sell their products.

  • We can supply either OEM modules for integrating in the end product or complete power supply systems, manufactured and thoroughly tested as per our strict quality standards
  • Private labeling services – We can provide a complete turnkey solution including manufacturing, fulfillment and warranty support of the product or the system under our customer’s name
  • We provide design and engineering support for special applications, custom power solutions or continuous product maintenance and upgrades.
Value added and Custom Systems

Other Services

In addition to the value added and customization services we also provide the following services:

  • Flexible warranty period, to make sure that the equipment works properly and meets the customer’s expectations after installation
  • Technical support and training your personnel in using and servicing the equipment
  • Providing full information on the design parameters necessary for proper integration or tuning of the equipment
  • Assistance in determining the optimum job concept and coil design
  • Providing technical personnel for on-site training and installation assistance at the end user facility
  • Help with equipment troubleshooting with remote diagnostics capabilities
  • Engineering design support for special applications and temperature control solutions

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