Brazing magnetic steel mesh


Brazing two magnetic steel mesh belts to each other using induction heater. Currently torch is used to do the braze. Customer is looking for more repeatable and consistent brazing method. Braze alloy and flux already embedded into the mesh.


Handheld Ubraze

-Magnetic Steel mesh 1” wide x .08” thick x 12’’ heat Length

Power: 5 kW
Temperature: 1250°F (676°C)
Time: 80 seconds to complete whole cycle

Results and Conclusions:

Successful induction braze of the two mesh belts was achieved using the SM-5 and the U-Braze Handhled system. The process is very good fit for induction brazing and can be further automated with fixture.


Request information or contact us about this application. Reference info: Application Note 3463-5339