Crystal Growing

What is Crystal Growing?

In crystal growing, crystalline materials are heated for up to 6 continuous weeks to produce crystals, which are then used in a variety of industrial markets.

Crystalline materials are heated using a susceptor in a controlled inert atmosphere or inert vacuum chamber zirconium for to 950° and higher. By tightly controlling temperatures for up to a period of 6 continuous weeks, manufacturers are able to produce high quality crystals, to be used in a variety of industrial markets. Common materials used in crystal growing include silicon, sapphire, rubies, and cubic zirconia. Induction crystal growing provides a number of key benefits, including:

  • Maintaining temperatures with little variation
  • Tight process control ensuring a high quality end product
  • Reliable modular system that is easily maintained and service
  • Efficient operation across a wide frequency range

Typical industries for crystal growing are research labs; crystals for photovoltaic cells; sapphires for bulletproof glass; and silicon for integrated circuits (ICs).