Crystal Growing

What is Crystal Growing?

Crystal growing is a process of growing crystals from a solution or melt, and it is widely used in various fields, including material science, electronics, semiconductors, optics, and pharmaceuticals. Crystals are highly ordered materials that have a regular arrangement of atoms or molecules, which gives them unique physical, optical, and electronic properties.

In many crystal growing processes, the crystalline materials are heated using a susceptor in a controlled inert atmosphere or inert vacuum chamber to temperatures of 950°C and higher. By tightly controlling temperatures for up to a period of 6 continuous weeks, manufacturers can produce high quality crystals, used in a variety of industries.

Crystal growing is a complex process that requires careful control of various parameters to produce high-quality crystals. The use of advanced technologies such as induction heating can improve the quality and efficiency of crystal growth by providing precise temperature control and uniform heating. Induction heating technology is also eco-friendly, as it uses less energy compared to other heating methods.

Ultraflex offers a line of technologically advanced induction heating power supplies suitable for crystal growing applications. Our SmartPower systems offer unique benefits compared to the conventional induction heating equipment available on the market:

• Tight and precise process control ensuring a high-quality end product

• Reliable and durable equipment offering uninterruptable operation by utilizing N+1 redundant modular configurations

• Highly efficient power supplies utilizing the latest SiC switching technology

• The power supplies can be configured to operate with up to four independently controlled induction coils for zone heating

• Air cooled power supply options available

Common materials produced by crystal growing include silicon wafers, optics, photovoltaic cells, silicon carbide, sapphire, rubies, and cubic zirconia.