Preheating carbon steel threaded rods

Application Note Objective

Threaded rods have various applications within industries requiring threaded fastening.  Induction preheating within the Fasteners industry is often performed in order to slow the cooling rate in the weld area. This may be necessary to avoid cracking of the weld metal or heat the affected zone. Our goal here was to preheat two carbon steel threaded rods with 19” (482.6mm) length and 0.975” (24.7 mm) OD and achieving a heat length of 3.5” (88.9mm) at 148°C (300°F).

Equipment: We used our UltraHeat SM induction heating system which can be easily tuned to different loads and coils. The pre-programmed process steps ensure repeatability and efficiency in the induction heating application.


We were able to reach the desired preheating temperature within 17 seconds at the output power of 1.70 kW. The workpieces were heated at the requested heat length.

Industry: Fasteners

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