Induction Heating in Electrical Components Industry

Tools and Dies induction heating

Manufacturers of electrical components are using induction heating for a wide range of fabrication processes and operations. The most typical uses of induction heating in the Electrical components manufacturing are soldering and brazing of various electrical components and cables. Other applications include curing of coatings, bonding, or heat staking of connectors or pins. Induction heating is fast and controllable process that guarantees quality results in a high-volume production environment, such as the electrical components industry. 

How induction heating is used in the Electrical Components industry? 

  • Induction soldering of fusesmetal-oxide varistors, voltage suppressors or capacitors 
  • Induction soldering of RF and coaxial connectors and cables 
  • Soldering of heavy wires or cables to lugs and terminals on PC boards 
  • Induction brazing of wire bundles to high-power transformer tabs or lugs 
  • High-speed induction annealing of copper connector pins 
  • Induction shrink fitting or curing of coating for electric motor housings 
  • Induction bonding of audio speakers to a metal frame 
  • Curing of special coatings on PC boards or electrical components