Designing Your Induction Heating Solutions

From developing the concept to post-production support, UltraFlex will assist you throughout your project. Our services can be provided individually or as turnkey projects according to the most advanced manufacturing principles and technological standards.
When you partner with Ultraflex for your engineering design, you can benefit from the best expertise and long-standing experience in advanced electronic development. To ensure the highest level of integration between the engineering groups, Ultraflex has developed a proprietary process that utilizes a powerful Online Project Management and Team Collaboration System for flawless execution.


  • Switch-mode Power Supplies: AC/DC And DC/DC Applications
  • High Power, High-frequency Output Power Supplies
  • Induction Heating And Melting Generators, Corona Treatment And Plasma Generators, Xenon Light Power Supplies, Series And Parallel Resonant Inverters
  • Conventional Power Supplies, Battery Chargers And Power Factor Correction And Active Filter Circuits Ranging From 1kw To 15kw
  • Developed A Variety Of Special Power Supplies And Inverters – Elevator Emergency Lighting Control, AC/DC Inverters, Etc.
  • AC, Servo And Stepper Motor Control In A Variety Of Products – Lab Shakers, Vortex Devices, Magnetic Stirrers, Folding Machines Etc.
  • Agency Compliance: CE, UL, CSA

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