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SuperCast Pro series

SuperCast Pro series2018-09-14T06:27:04+00:00

The Supercast Pro systems have been developed specifically for sample preparation and QC testing in research, recycling, foundry or metallurgical facilities.

Utilizing latest high frequency induction heating technology, capable of melting all metals and alloys (precious and non-precious) in ingot or powder form.

Patented RCS (Rotating Coil System) ensures producing samples with excellent repeatability and quality.

Very high melting efficiency and speed, capable of producing up to 12 casting samples per hour in 24 hour operation.

Compact, reliable systems with integrated vacuum pump and water cooling. Easy to install, operate and maintain.

CE certified with integrated safety and protection features.


  • Patented rotating coil system – coil rotates with the arm and flask keeping the metal in liquid phase during the injection
  • Built in vacuum pump and Argon gas circuit with programmable vacuum/argon washing cycles
  • Built-in Infrared pyrometer with temperature control
  • Fully automatic or manual control of the casting process
  • Modern digital controls with self diagnostic features
  • Multiple user programs with programmable parameters: power level, rotation speed, acceleration, melting temperature, holding time
  • Internal water cooling system. Optional external chiller for continuous operation


Spectroscopy, XRF and RFA sample preparation, re-melting, fusion of metal alloys and powders, casting of AAS, ICP, X-Emission samples, metallurgical research, Titanium and special metals casting

SuperCast AP5
SuperCast A5
Absorbed Power kW (max)5.05.0
Frequency kHz380 – 45090 – 100
AC Line Volts (50/60Hz)230 ±10%230 ±10%
Line Phases11
Crucible Capacity10-30 ccm10-30 ccm
Type of materialPowderSmall pieces
Max Melting2000 C°2000 C°
Cooling SystemWater-InternalWater-Internal
Weight Lb (kg)440.9 (200)440.9 (200)
Inch (cm) LxWxH
26.4” x 22” x 41.3″
(67 x 56 x 105)
26.4” x 22” x 41.3″
(67 x 56 x 105)
  • Improved energy efficiency compared to resistance or flame heating
  • High degree of controllability, repeatability and quality of samples
  • Increased productivity by rapid melting and sample casting
  • Optimal mixing of the melt provided by the induction heating field
  • Easy handling with operation safety at increased temperatures
  • Low maintenance requirements, easy to use systems
1.Dual color pyrometer
Part NumberDescriptionSuperCast AP5SuperCast A5
Crucible tongs for induction casing and induction melting machine4HVM-000-101-00Crucible tongs11
2MAS-017-710-MACopper mold11
2DET-015-000-KECeramic Crucible for Steel11
Screwdriver system “ZERO” for induction casting and melting machine4HVM-000-100-00Screwdriver system “ZERO”11
T-allen key for induction casting machine4EAC-000-028-00T-allen key 5mm11
2DET-015-000-KDCrucible for titanium11
Graphite crucible for induction casting machine2DET-015-000-KAGraphite crucible (optional)11
Graphite mold for induction casting machine2MAS-017-450-MAGraphite mold (optional)11
Anti vibration feet for induction casting and melting machine4EAC-000-017-00Anti vibration feet11