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Repeatable induction brazing made simple and easy

///Repeatable induction brazing made simple and easy
Repeatable induction brazing made simple and easy 2017-07-21T07:05:33+00:00

Coil for induction brazing

Successfully demonstrate that repeatable brazing can be achieved without the need for skilled labor, with little more than set-up of the sample in the coil and applying induction heating for a pre-set timed heating cycle.

SM5/200 Power Supply
HS-4W Heat Station
Ultraflex custom coil

Key Parameters
Power: 5 kW
Temperature: Approximately 650°C (1200°F)
Frequency: 124 kHz
Time: 120 sec


  • Brass base:
    Weight: 0.54kg (1.2lbs)
    Major diameter: 44mm x 36mm high (1.740” x 1.44”)
    Minor diameter: 23mm x 17mm (.91” x .68”)
  • Invar tube: 14mm OD/ 9.1mm ID (0.54” OD / 0.36” ID)
  • Overall length: 22.7cm (8.94”)
  • Alloy Safety Silv 56 wire formed as rings. Alloy wire diameter 1.6mm (0.062”)
  • White brazing flux


  1. Parts were pre-fluxed with White brazing flux and assembled with four pre-formed alloy rings placed at the interface entry area of the tube to the base. (see photos)
  2. Heat time required to fully flow the alloy was 120-125 sec.
  3. An additional 3 minutes were allowed following the braze cycle to permit the molten alloy to solidify.
  4. Once the alloy was solidified, the assembly was removed and water-cooled.


The test demonstrates that the assembly can be repeatedly used for brazing without the need for skilled labor. Pre-assembly of flux and alloy rings allows the brazing to take place by simply placing the sample in the coil and heating with a pre-set cycle. While one assembly is being heated, another one can be prepared.


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