UltraMelt ITC 

SmartPowerTMInduction Cube is a large capacity induction melting furnace.
Up to 4 SmartPowerTMCubes can be connected to one SmartPowerTMCompac System.
The furnace can melt 20 kg to 900 kg. of steel and 40 kg to 1300 kg of brass.
It is very durable, efficient and easy to maintain.

ITC offers induction melting furnaces for various applications.

UltraMelt ITC Series – Tilting Induction Melting Furnace


  • Flexible system – up to 4 furnaces can be connected to one power supply ( total combined output power up to 400 kW )
  • Advanced, modular, energy efficient SmartPower ™ induction heating systems with configurable 40 kW to 400 kW power output
  • 20 to 900 kg. steel capacity
  • Durable high-quality construction
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminium side plates


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