Preheating of cast iron before welding through camera

Preheating is a process often applied before welding. Its goal is to raise the temperature of the steel part and ensure slow cooling.

A manufacturer who offers solutions for the processing of metal and non-metal sheet and profile materials has asked us to conduct several tests with UltraFlex induction heating equipment. The part to be preheated is a structural component. Their goal is to preheat the part before it undergoes welding. The preheating will help them achieve softer weld metal which will have better resistance.

We are heating up the cast steel part up to 200°C (392°F) with our best selling 5 kW induction power supply – UltraHeat SM. The whole preheating process is expected to be completed within 10 mins.

Industry: Manufacturing

Materials:  Cast iron

Equipment: SMT-5/200

Power: 5 kW

Time: 10 mins.

Process Steps:

The starting temperature is 23°C (73 °F). In 4 minutes, we reached 123°C (253°F). By the end of the preheating process we could measure 240°C (464°F). Homogeneity is expected to be obtained about 1 min after the end of the preheating process. The measured surface temperature after free convection cooling for 2 mins 30 secs was 200°C (392°F).

UltraFlex equipment allows you to achieve fast and safe process. Our 5 kW induction power supply – UltraHeat SM is part of an extremely compact system that saves space and ensures precise results. Our proficient measuring tools will help you track the process and achieve repeatability.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-5686