brazing aluminum pipe to a fitting

Application Note Objective 

Induction brazing is a popular application in the Automotive industry. UltraFlex was contacted by a major manufacturer who wants to improve cycle times with the help of a semi-automated induction heating system. Our team was provided with 0.75’’ (19 cm) OD aluminum rod and 1.16’’ (29.4 cm) x 2.72’’ (69 mm) x 0.92’’(23.3 mm) aluminum base used for the production of Brake and AC Lines and in Hydraulic Lines.


We utilized our  UltraHeat SM – 5 kW air-cooled induction heating system to fit the process requirements. It has a built-in thermal regulator with a pre-programmed temperature profile featuring multiple steps of ramps and holds times.


The aluminum part was nested in a piece of nonconductive insulation brick with a hole drilled in the middle. The thermoregulator of the UltraHeat SM – 5 kW induction heating system was equipped with a dual-color R Series IR Pyrometer. Brazing wire was made into a preformed ring that sat on top of the joint. The part was successfully brazed in about 1 minute.

UltraFlex 5 kW induction heating system was used under a PID loop to make sure that the power will drop as we were approaching the desired temperature to ensure we would not melt any of the aluminum.

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