PressCast 3 and 5: High-Volume, Versatile Casting Systems for Professional Jewelers

The PressCast 3 and 5 are designed to meet the high demands of large-scale jewelry manufacturers. These pressure-over vacuum casting systems are versatile and capable of producing exceptional quality castings, including “stone-in-place” techniques for all low melting point metals and alloys such as gold, silver, brass, and more.

Optimal Performance with High Casting Pressure
Achieve flawless results with a high casting pressure of up to 6 bar. This ensures the perfect filling of the finest details, making it ideal for intricate designs. The integrated thermocouple probe and temperature controller guarantee consistent casting quality and repeatability, every time.

Advanced Induction Heating Technology
Leverage the power of our advanced induction heating technology for fast and efficient melting. This system offers excellent mixing of molten metal through low frequency (6kHz) electromagnetic pulsing, enhancing the integrity and quality of your final product.

Induction casting equipment


  • Dual chamber injection casting system with pressure over vacuum
  • High pressure casting (6 bar) with pneumatic flask lift
  • Graphite stopper rod positioned at the center of the crucible
  • Accurate temperature control with thermocouple placed in the sealing rod
  • Multiple programs – 10 programmable cycles with 10 parameters per cycle
  • External water cooling – 6 L/min (1.6 gpm) at 3 bar (45 psi) minimum, 30°C
  • Integrated vacuum pump – 100 mbar with 40m3/hr. pump
  • Argon required for each casting– max 60 L, argon pressure 2 bar
  • High capacity granulation system (optional)