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Casts Gold, Silver and Brass.

Low energy consumption.

Fast heating by advanced induction generator.

Very high efficiency and speed.

Reliable, easy to maintain and service.


  • Metal injection with aspiration and overpressure
  • Pneumatic Flask Lift – air pressure 6 bar
  • Graphite Stopper Rod positioned at the centre of the crucible
  • Temperature Control – Thermocouple in the sealing rod
  • Granulation system – optional
  • 10 Programmable cycles with 10 parameters per cycle
  • External water cooling – 6 L/min (1.6 gpm) at 3 Bar (45 psi) minimum, 30oC
  • Vacuum-Aspiration: 100 Mbar with 40m3m/h vacuum pump
  • Argon required for each casting – max 60 l, Argon pressure 2 bar
  • Optional transformer for 380/480V requirements


PressCast 3GPressCast 5G
Absorbed Power kW (max)10.010.0
Frequency kHz66
AC Line Volts (50/60Hz)230 ±10%
380/480±10% (optional)
230 ±10%
380/480±10% (optional)
Line Phases33
Crucible Capacity3kg gold5kg gold
Flask Size mm (max)D=120 x H=300D=120 x H=300
Max Melting1300 C°1300 C°
Cooling requirements
water system quoted upon request
Water (External)Water (External)
Weight Lb (kg)639.3 (290)937 (425)

Inch (cm) LxWxH

27.6” x 39.8” x 53.1”

(70 x 101 x 135)

27.6” x 39.8” x 53.1”

(70 x 101 x 135)

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher degree of controllability
  • Increased repeatability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity
Part NumberDescriptionPressCast 3PressCast 5
Crucible tongs for flask with flange for induction casting machine4HVM-000-108-00Crucible tongs for flask with flange11
Tongs for pressure casting machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies.4HVM-000-109-00Crucible tongs11
Graphite crucible for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-REGraphite crucible1
Magnet tool for induction jewelry casting machine2MAS-017-600-CAMagnet tool11
Ceramic holder for crucible for induction casting machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies2DET-017-000-KGCeramic holder for crucible1
Ceramic holder for induction casting machine2DET-017-000-KHCeramic holder11
Top ring for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-GATop ring1
Base insulator for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-GCBase insulator11
Silicone seal for induction jewelry casting machine2DET-017-600-RFSilicone seal11
Flask for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-RKFlask11
Flask with flange for induction casting machine2MAS-017-600-CBFlask with flange11
Paper O-ring for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-GDPaper O-ring1
Ring SS 112 for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-RBRing SS 11211
Ring SS 102 for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-LGRing SS 10211
Ring SS for pressure casting machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies.2DET-017-600-LFRing SS 9211
Ring SS for pressure casting machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies.2DET-017-600-LERing SS 8211
Graphite ring 114 for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-OTGraphite ring 11411
Graphite ring 104 for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-OSGraphite ring 10411
Graphite ring 94 for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-RAGraphite ring 9411
Graphite ring 84 for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-OVGraphite ring 8411
Al holder (155 mm) for induction jewelry casting machine2DET-017-600-RCAl holder (155 mm)11
Base for flasks for casting preassure machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies.2DET-017-600-KYBase for flasks11
Insulator (cogetherm) for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-GEInsulator (cogetherm)11
Graphite ring 142 for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-ORGraphite ring 14211
Wheels cover for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-RGWheels cover11
Bush casting camera for induction casting machine2DET-017-600-LVBush casting camera11