PressCast 3 and 5 are our high-volume, versatile pressure over vacuum casting systems suitable for high volume jewelry manufacturers with demanding requirements.
PressCast can provide excellent quality castings, as well as “stone-in-place” casting of all low melting point metals and alloys commonly used in the jewelry manufacturing – gold, silver, brass and many more.
High casting pressure (up to 6 bar) ensures excellent casting resulting and perfect filling of the finest details. Integrated thermocouple probe and temperature controller ensures perfect casting quality and repeatability.
This advanced powerful induction heating technology provides fast and efficient melting and very good mixing of the molten metal utilizing low frequency (6kHz) and electromagnetic pulsing.
The LCD Touch control panel features modern user interface with intuitive visual feedback. It displays the measured process parameters, receives user input, sets various parameters and saves multiple programs. It also displays detailed help and warning messages and has remote diagnostics features.

Induction casting equipment


  • Dual chamber injection casting system with pressure over vacuum
  • High pressure casting (6 bar) with pneumatic flask lift
  • Graphite stopper rod positioned at the center of the crucible
  • Accurate temperature control with thermocouple placed in the sealing rod
  • Multiple programs – 10 programmable cycles with 10 parameters per cycle
  • External water cooling – 6 L/min (1.6 gpm) at 3 bar (45 psi) minimum, 30°C
  • Integrated vacuum pump – 100 mbar with 40m3/hr. pump
  • Argon required for each casting– max 60 L, argon pressure 2 bar
  • High capacity granulation system (optional)
PressCast 3J
PressCast 5J
Power (max) 11.0 kW 11.0 kW
Frequency 6 kHz 6 kHz
AC Line, (50/60Hz), 3 Phase 400 V ±10%
230 V ±10% (optional)
400 V ±10%
230 V ±10% (optional)
Melting Temperature (max) 1300 °C 1300 °C
Crucible Capacity 3 kg Au 5 kg Au
Crucible Volume 208 cm3 430 cm3
Flask Size (min), DxH 87 mm x 127 mm 80 mm x 127 mm
Flask Size (max), DxH 120 mm x 300 mm 120 mm x 300 mm
Vacuum Pump included included
Cooling Requirements
water system quoted upon request
Water (External) Water (External)
Cooling Water (min) 5.8 LpM (1.53 GpM) 5.8 LpM (1.53 GpM)
Inlet Water Temperature (max) 35 °C 35 °C
Weight 290 kg (639.3 Lb) 425 kg (937 Lb)
Dimensions, LxWxH 70 cm x 101 cm x 135 cm
(27.6” x 39.8” x 53.1”)
70 cm x 101 cm x 135 cm
(27.6” x 39.8” x 53.1”)
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher degree of controllability
  • Increased repeatability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity
Part Number Description PressCast 3 PressCast 5
Crucible tongs for flask with flange for induction casting machine


Crucible tongs for flask with flange 1 1
Tongs for pressure casting machine


Crucible tongs 1 1
Graphite crucible for induction casting machine


Graphite crucible 1
Graphite crucible for induction casting machine


Graphite crucible 1
Magnet tool for induction jewelry casting machine


Magnet tool 1 1
Ceramic holder for crucible for induction casting machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies


Ceramic holder for crucible 1
Ceramic holder for induction casting machine


Ceramic holder 1 1
Top ring for induction casting machine


Top ring 1
Base insulator for induction casting machine


Base insulator 1 1
Silicone seal for induction jewelry casting machine


Silicone seal 1 1
Flask for induction casting machine


Flask 1 1
Flask with flange for induction casting machine


Flask with flange 1 1
Paper O-ring for induction casting machine


Paper O-ring 1
Ring SS 112 for induction casting machine


Ring SS 112 1 1
Ring SS 102 for induction casting machine


Ring SS 102 1 1
pressure induction casting ring


Ring SS 92 1 1
pressure induction casting ring


Ring SS 82 1 1
Graphite ring 114 for induction casting machine


Graphite ring 114 1 1
Graphite ring 104 for induction casting machine


Graphite ring 104 1 1
Graphite ring 94 for induction casting machine


Graphite ring 94 1 1
Graphite ring 84 for induction casting machine


Graphite ring 84 1 1
Al holder (155 mm) for induction jewelry casting machine


Al holder (155 mm) 1 1
Base for flasks for casting preassure machine


Base for flasks 1 1
Insulator (cogetherm) for induction casting machine


Insulator (cogetherm) 1 1
Graphite ring 142 for induction casting machine


Graphite ring 142 1 1
Wheels cover for induction casting machine


Wheels cover 1 1
Bush casting camera for induction casting machine


Bush casting camera 1 1


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