SOLO UBraze Hand-held Induction Brazing System

UBraze is a compact hand-held induction brazing system that is used as an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to the flame brazing torch. Induction brazing reduces the issues associated with quality by offering guaranteed repeatability. The accurate energy control allows you to work with precision and to accurately determine the time and power needed to braze each joint.



  • Precise power control from 0 to 100% of rated power
  • Output regulation: Power, Current
  • Parameter Monitoring: Current, DC Volts, Output Volts, Output Power, Frequency
  • Industrial control panel – 5” LCD touch, full color
  • Advanced and intuitive user interface
  • Multiple heating programs and profiles
  • USB connectivity for firmware upgrades
  • Automatic frequency scanning and load tuning
  • Short heating cycles with fast dynamic response
  • Lightweight hand-held unit for easy access to brazing assemblies
  • Optional program and step selection through the hand-held unit
  • Optional 360° rotating ring for mounting the hand-held unit to a counterweight system
  • The UBraze gun is available with standard C-shape ceramic coated coils in 12mm, 24mm, and 40mm sizes, with two and three turns

SOLO Braze Models

12 kW 16 kW 24 kW
Induction System Specs SOLO12 SOLO16 SOLO24
AC Line Volts (50/60Hz) 230-380 VAC ±10% 380 – 480 VAC ±10% 380-480 VAC ±10%
Line Phases 3 3 3
Heat Station Model HS-24B HS-24B HS-24B
HS Part Number 1ACC-540-100-02 1ACC-540-100-02 1ACC-540-100-02
Cooling requirements water water water

Handheld Unit

● Standard ○ Optional
UBraze 5 UBraze 5CP
Inch (cm) WxDxH
3.34″ x 10.9″ x 8.3″
(8.5 x 27.7 x 21.2)
3.34″ x 10.9″ x 8.3″
(8.5 x 27.7 x 21.2)
Weight Lb (kg) 7.8 (3.5) 7.8 (3.5)
360° Ring for Counterweight mounting
Mini control panel
  • Improved safety through flameless heating
  • Increased productivity
  • Handheld brazing allows the operator to move to the part and access hard-to-reach areas
  • Increased productivity
  • Durable handheld assembly with low maintenance requirements
  • Power on demand with rapid heat cycles


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