The goal of this induction heating application test is to preheat titanium and aluminum alloy samples in 10 seconds. Our team was contacted by a research institution which supports the manufacturing sector through technology research for a diverse range of applications. Similar preheating processes are performed in order to prepare the base metal before it undergoes additional processing. It is crucial for us to ensure proper temperature control.


Titanium alloy sample – 15x10mm cross-section, 50mm length, heating up to 1472°F – 1832 °F (800-1000°C. )

Aluminium alloy sample – 15x18mm cross-section, 60mm length, heating up to 572°F – 752°F (300-450°C.)


SMT-5/200, HS-4W


Power: 5 kW

Time for titanium: 10 secs

Time for aluminum: 32 secs

Temperature for titanium: 1832 °F (1000 °C)

Temperature for aluminum: 752°F (400°C)

Process Steps:

We begin the process by setting up our 5 kW induction power supply – UltraHeat SM and a pyrometer. The workpieces are positioned inside the coil and preheating process is initiated. Once the desired temperature is reached, the workpiece will undergo forging. The client uses this induction heating application for project research and development.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-6044


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